Learn how to use a vision board to create inspiring product descriptions

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You and your team might be ready to put out there on the market all your amazing new products and you want your audience to have a full picture of how their wonderful features would bring them the benefits they are looking for. You want to have a clear picture of all the aspects of your products so you can find the best product strategy for what you have to offer to your customers.

This is where the vision board steps in. You might have heard of vision…

Discover the 5 most common mistakes in ecommerce copywriting and how to avoid them

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When you are just getting started to write your ecommerce content you quickly realize that there’s so much to cover, so many things you want to say, so many products you want to get out there on the market for your customers and so many features you want them to know about. …

Get into an in-depth analysis of your writing and remove the purposeless content

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You’ve been writing for quite some time now and all the pieces of content you put out there in the world have piled up beautifully, shaping an extensive collection of your creative work. But not all your writing performed the same and some of your works might not have delighted your readers as much as you expected. And that’s alright. However, from both curiosity and desire to progress as a writer, you need to find out which of your writings perform better than others, and why.

Most of us have heard so many times that

the only time you should…

Up-lift your creativity by nurturing your passion project

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Last year, after attending a full-day conference on translation and localization trends some of us went out in the evening for a socializing event. You know how fun these events can be: wonderful people you meet and lovely stories from all around the world.

We were all having a blast talking about what we love to do in our free time. And it was marvelous to see how diverse all the passion projects were, from sewing, knitting, singing to cooking, and drawing. While detailing all these amazing passions that keep us going, there was one person who added “If you…


And powerful tools to keep your ideas safe

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Yesterday, while I was taking a walk, I had this amazing idea for a piece of content. It got me so excited that I couldn’t wait to start researching and writing about it. A large smile settled on my face while I was already picturing headlines and sub-headlines. Meanwhile, a friend called and the conversation lingered for just about when I got home. I remembered the wonderful idea and I was still hyped up about it. But there wasn’t much time to sit down and write. ‘I’ll write later’, I said. ‘I’ll remember what I wanted to say and it’s…

And How to Build It?

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Do you have a signature recipe? A wholehearted cooked dish that you prepare for your loved ones or in times you need comfort food to soothe your mind and soul? I bet you do. Do you know what makes your recipe so special that when your family or friends think about it, they instantly connect you to it? It’s the ingredients you are adding. And, love, of course, you might say.

But particularly, it’s one element. One spice. One secret ingredient that blends with all the others and transforms the entire dish. …


Highly effective tips to get you creativity flowing

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Let your creativity flow. Easier said than done. Sometimes you might feel there is not one creative bone in your body. And, that all the ideas you might have had mysteriously vanished in the depths of your creative mind.

But don’t despair, dear writer.

There are ways to remove writer’s block, to nurture your creative sparkle into a productive writing flow and to fill those frightening blank pages with all your wonderful ideas. Here are three inspiring stories to kick-start your creative flow and help you create the best content ever.

How to Get into A Flow State, by @Bryan…

Carefully choose your color palette to bring a unique dimension to your content

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When you put the words “color palette” and “content creation” side by side you automatically think of web design and UX. But not all content creators or writers are web designers or UX specialists. Nevertheless, as a writer or content creator, you put down a lot of compelling content for your audience, customers or readers. You want your content not only to be relevant but visually appealing. Maybe you create infographics, newsletters, and brochures or you’re looking for inspiring images to complement your writing. …

Build your trust in developing an authentic creative voice with these inspiring stories

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If you’re just talking the first steps in writing or you’re looking to perfect your creative voice it’s always good to research, read and let yourself be inspired and motivated by your fellow writers. Ready to explore three of the most vibrant stories on developing and revealing your creative voice? Here are three inspiring resources that you can turn to for courage to keep writing and honing your writing skills.

The Voice That is Great Within You, by @Charlotte R Dixon

Just like looking for a long-hidden treasure trove, building and revealing your creative voice is a journey many of…

Use these valuable resources to boost your positivity and light your creativity sparkle.

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When life gets tough, it’s easy to fall in the negativity pit and let all the bad thoughts and feelings flood and destroy your inner balance. They heavily shake up both your mental and physical harmony and impact your writing. I’m guilty of it myself, more often than I want to admit. Sometimes, just the mere reminder “don’t go down that rabbit hole” makes me reassess my position in front of challenges or negativity. Sometimes I need more.

So, I reach out to resources that help me pile up all the blocks of my inner strength to build a stronger…

Iustina Ikert

Out of passion for words and languages… You can find me translating or copywriting marketing and eComm materials. Reach me on https://in-between-the-lines.com/

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